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The attorneys and staff at Pegalis & Erickson have for more than 40 years taken on the responsibility of advocating for individuals and their families who have been victimized by avoidable negligence that caused fatal or serious injury. Our firm’s extensive experience allows our team to unravel and identify the medical and hospital errors that others fail to see.

Our track record for obtaining “record” high verdicts and settlements in New York State and elsewhere is important information for our new clients because it’s that continued success that gives us credibility in the courts and with our adversaries. Our clients who have been victims of avoidable serious injuries need financial help. Our clients also want to learn the truth and make care safer for others. Only in this way can they achieve the peace of mind and closure to which they are entitled.

Our relationships with our current and past clients and our efforts to make health care safer are unique, which we share in our Safety section. To see some of our client’s comments see People We’ve Helped.

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